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Our Basics

At Newton Covenant Reformed Church, we are a part of God's family through Christ alone!


What We Believe

We Believe in One, True, Living God eternally present in three Persons:

God the Father, who created all things good and made them to glorify him and enjoy him forever!

God the Son, who loved us in our sin and died on the cross to take away our sin, so that we might be made beautiful to God in Him! (2 Cor. 5:21)

God the Holy Spirit, who renews us and makes us passionate to live for Jesus! (Titus 3:5)


Who We Are
We are called Covenant because we believe God calls us to have a relationship with him through Jesus.
We are called Reformed because we hold to the historic creeds and confessions which keep us planted in the Bible.
We are called Church because we belong to Christ and He loves us. We are not trouble-free, but through Jesus we are set free from sin and death, free to serve him, and free to live with Him forever.


Please contact us or come worship the Risen Jesus with us!

Newton Covenant Reformed Church is a member of the United Reformed Churches of North America

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